Seniors Tracking Medication

by Edward Murphy on June 26, 2011

Senior citizens can now take care of their medications and handle them better like never before thanks to the latest technology. You can keep everything up to date on the computer or either just with doing a voice memo on the phone and saving the last time that you took medication.

However, regardless of the latest technology used for medications it’s still vital that seniors write down when and how much medication that they take daily. Make sure to print out a big label on the medication and when they should take it plus how much they need to have. It’s a good idea to get into a routine of checking the medication each night and making sure that a dose was not missed. If a dose was missed then contact the doctor right away and see when you should take the next dose. There are also senior citizen services available that can pick up medications and deliver them so they won’t have to worry about not being on medications.

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